Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Design

ECG’s engineers can optimize your buildings’ internal operating systems and automation control systems to operate at their full potential, improving the indoor environment while saving thousands of dollars annually in operating and maintenance costs. » learn more

Energy Performance Engineering

ECG will provide engineering/consulting services to assist Government Agencies, to identify the scope and size of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), select an Energy Services Company (ESCO), prepare plans and specifications, and ensure that construction complies with all federal, state and local regulations. » learn more

Green/Sustainable Consulting and Design

The constantly increasing demand for energy combined with rising energy prices is a one-two punch for any budget. Fortunately, there are natural energy alternatives, and the ECG team is excited to share our knowledge and expertise with you. » learn more

Building Evaluation and Energy Audits

Through the RESCUE program, ECG has surveyed over 100 million square feet of building space. Our experience in this area allows us to provide detailed building surveys to any organization, whether it be a public school, college or university, government agency, or other large entity. » learn