Energy Performance Engineering

ECG will provide the following engineering/consulting services to assist Government Agencies (includes School Districts, Towns, Counties, Cities and States) to identify the scope and size of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), select an Energy Services Company (ESCO), prepare plans and specifications, and ensure that construction complies with all federal, state and local regulations. Please be aware that payment for the following services will come entirely from the guaranteed energy savings realized by the EPC and that no out of pocket cost will be required. Payments to ECG will be funded by the ESCO only if a contract has been executed with the Agency. This arrangement gives you, with guidance from your engineers, complete control and complete understanding of the EPC process from beginning to end making sure that your needs and interests are protected and ensuring that no cost of any kind will be incurred.

Below is an outline of ECG's EPE services for states other than New Jersey. Please click here for a summary of ECG's services to support the implementation of NJ BPU's Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP).

  1. ECG will perform a Preliminary Energy Assessment (PEA) of your facilities and prepare a written report with our findings. This survey will determine if an EPC is feasible and estimate the size and scope of work that can be performed.
  2. ECG will prepare and issue the RFP to solicit an energy services company (ESCO). We will ensure that the RFP attracts multiple competitive and qualified proposers and includes your preferred energy saving measures. We will then review the qualifications and experience of proposers, provide a detailed evaluation of the proposals, and assist you in determining the best proposal.
  3. ECG will supervise the successful ESCO in the preparation of a Comprehensive Energy Audit (CEA) and the development of the scope of work to be performed, which will produce the largest and most dependable energy savings incorporating energy conservation/renewable energy measures that are most important to your agency.
  4. ECG will assist you and your attorney in the preparation of the contract to retain the ESCO.
  5. ECG will prepare and submit all necessary engineering plans, specifications, and applications for approval by all applicable agencies to ensure that all code and operational requirements are addressed and that the project is completed safely and in compliance with your unique needs. By providing this engineering service, we protect the owner's interest and reduce ESCO costs accordingly.
  6. ECG will advise you and/or your financial consultant on the appropriate financing terms through the ESCO or other sources that ensures no out-of-pocket cost and no deficits throughout the term of the contract.
  7. ECG will provide construction administration services to ensure that the project is completed in accordance with approved plans and specifications and the contract.
  8. ECG will supervise Measurement and Verification (M&V) procedures and commissioning procedures to ensure that savings will be realized.
  9. ECG will review and approve a final project acceptance certificate and assist you in assuring that all grants, aid, rebates and incentives have been applied for and received by the ESCO where applicable and required.
  10. ECG will, for a period of 3 years after substantial completion, assist you to evaluate actual energy savings realized by the Energy Performance Project. This will include, where needed, discussions and meetings with the ESCO and the review of Measurement and Verification procedures and related calculations. If the full amount of energy savings guaranteed by the ESCO is not achieved, ECG will assist you to recoup the deficit in said savings.