Building Evaluations and Energy Audits

ECG has surveyed over 100 million square feet of building space. Our experience in this area allows us to provide detailed building surveys to any organization, whether it be a public school, college or university, government agency, or other large entity. 

ECG offers the following unique strengths that will benefit your organization during this process:

  • Third-Party, Independent Needs Analysis – Because ECG is not your resident architect, we offer an unbiased, independent perspective on the condition of your facilities.  A building evaluation presents a unique opportunity for you to receive the benefits that a third-party review offers.
  • Energy Performance & Efficiency – ECG’s Engineers are experts in energy efficiency. We will assess your facilities’ energy-related systems and energy consumption to determine eligibility for an Energy Performance Contract as part of our comprehensive service. This may allow you to address many energy-related capital needs without taxpayer impact.
  • Depth of Expertise – ECG  has performed hundreds of Building Condition Surveys, Annual Visual Inspections and Five Year Capital Facility Plans.   Our experts will ensure you receive a thorough, informative, and user-friendly report

Contact ECG today to receive a comprehensive, third-party review of your facilities with an emphasis on energy efficiency and lowering operating costs.