PA COSTARS (#030-007)


New DGS CoStars Contract Provides PA Agencies with a Large Source of No-Cost Funding for Facility Improvements and Energy Conservation

The ECG Group (ECG) was selected as the winning proposer on a competitive RFP for Energy Performance Engineering Services (EPE) by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS). We have since entered into a contract with DGS to develop a comprehensive program to implement no-cost Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) state wide. In that regard, we are conducting a large pilot project at the state correctional institution (SCI) at Dallas PA. In addition, ECG has received final approval of a contract from the PA DGS COSTARS Program (COSTARS-030-007) to provide this same service to all governmental units participating in the COSTARS program.

With this COSTARS contract, all Pennsylvania Governmental Units (Public Colleges & Universities, State Agencies, Cities, Counties, Towns, School Districts, etc.) are able to select ECG to provide comprehensive Energy Consulting Services free of charge and without the need for competitive bidding and Request for Proposals. There is no out-of-pocket expense, no deficit and no risk to the agency because the EPC project is guaranteed to pay for itself entirely with energy savings. This is different from a capital project in that all equipment installed is guaranteed to perform efficiently for the entire project term (15-20 years) and therefore deliver the savings promised every year of the project. In addition, all ECG projects provide a positive cash flow and exceed the guaranteed energy savings by an average of 30% which provides additional cash that can be used for other purposes. EPC allows your Agency to use money presently being wasted on Energy to fund large capital improvements, stimulate the economy and create jobs without cost.

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