Pennsylvania Police

ECG replaces heating system for the coming winter season

The Pennsylvania Police HQ building, located in Harrisburg, PA was originally designed with a unique system that allowed the waste heat from a large computer data center within the building to be reclaimed and reused to heat the building. Two large electric resistance boilers in the basement were used to provide supplemental heating for only the coldest days. Due to technology improvements over time, the size of the data center was greatly reduced in size and subsequently no longer produced adequate waste heat to maintain the rest of the building. This resulted in the two resistance electric boilers to be used throughout the heating season, greatly increasing the facility’s utility costs. In addition to this, the building heating and cooling was supplied by variable air volume boxes (VAV’s) that were largely non-functional and incapable of controlling room temperatures- resulting in significant occupant discomfort throughout the entire building and wasted energy. 

As a way to address these issues, it was decided to eliminate the electric-resistance boilers, install four 95% efficient, modular gas-fired, condensing boilers in their place and to install a complete hydronic heating distribution system to every VAV box across all 3 floors of the building. All VAV’s were then refurbished to properly function and a heating coil installed in every unit to deliver precise heating directly to all spaces. This will provide the facility with significant savings during heating season and tremendously improved space temperature control. 

At this time, the boilers and all hydronic piping has been successfully installed, all VAV boxes refurbished/retrofit and the new heating system is fully operational for the coming winter season.

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