Connecticut DEEP ESPCP

As a Technical Support Provider for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Energy Savings Performance Contract Program (ESPCP), ECG will provide technical  services to assist Connecticut Government Agencies (includes School Districts, Towns, Counties, Cities and State). Agencies that elect to follow the program prescribed by DEEP will receive some or all of the following services:

  1. Technical review of the Investment Grade-Energy Audit (IGEA). 
  2. Technical review of the Energy Savings Performance Project Statement of Work and the Energy Savings Performance Project Schedules.
  3. Technical review of Post-Installation M&V Report and first year M&V Report.
  4. Preliminary evaluation of potential facilities and development of Technical Facility Profile.
  5. Evaluation of Cost-Effective Feasibility Analyses submitted by Qualified Energy Services Providers (QESPs) in response to the RFQ to Selected QESPs for a Cost-Effective Feasibility Analysis.
  6. General technical support and project management.
  7. Additional assistance that is unique to the State Agency or Municipality and the proposed Energy Savings Performance Project (e.g., negotiating rates for street lights, coordinating a multi-town Energy Savings Performance Project, etc.).
For further information about our agreement with CT DEEP, please call us at (203) 702-4485